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Therapeutic Evaluations

At Wonder Kids Therapy Center, our Therapeutic Evaluations provide a detailed assessment of your child’s developmental needs. Using standardized tests and observational methods, our therapists identify your child’s strengths and areas needing improvement. These evaluations guide the creation of personalized therapy plans, ensuring your child gets the most effective and tailored care. This in-depth understanding of your child’s abilities allows us to set clear, achievable goals, track progress, and adjust strategies as needed, contributing to a more successful therapy journey.

Occupational Therapy

At Wonder Kids Therapy Center, our goal is to empower your child to thrive across all environments, from home and school to social events. By fostering their motor skills, play abilities, self-care, sensory processing, and social skills, we stimulate their physical and cognitive development. Our interventions, focused on leveraging your child’s strengths, work towards greater independence. Through close partnership with families, we provide strategies for easing daily challenges and advocate for school adaptations to ensure your child’s success.


Physical Therapy

Our pediatric physical therapists at Wonder Kids Therapy Center are committed to empowering your child to engage with their surroundings. They aim to enhance strength, flexibility, posture, balance, and coordination using a plethora of innovative techniques centered around play – the most effective method to stimulate children’s interest and participation. Elements like swings, ball pits, climbing walls, and a variety of toys are integrated into our physical therapy sessions, fostering a child-friendly environment that encourages our young clients to flourish.

Speech Therapy

At Wonder Kids Therapy Center, our speech therapists are dedicated to enhancing children’s verbal and nonverbal communication abilities. We recognize the uniqueness of every child and their distinct developmental requirements. Our speech-language pathologists engage with each child and their family in an inspiring play environment, equipping parents and caregivers with the necessary knowledge and strategies to guide your child towards reaching their full potential.

Feeding Therapy

The SOS approach to feeding is a child-friendly method that allows children to explore and learn about various foods in a stress-free, playful setting. Through activities that combine play with purpose, children are guided to gradually progress through stages towards eating. This method implements a logical sequence in presenting food, starting with tolerating the food’s presence in the room, to it being on the placemat, then touching, kissing, smelling it, and finally, tasting and eating it.

Social Skills Group

The Social Skills Group at Wonder Kids Therapy Center is a vibrant program aimed at nurturing children’s social capabilities. Through fun group activities, children learn cooperation, active listening, social cues interpretation, and proper expression of feelings. Guided by skilled therapists, our program provides a supportive environment for children to grow socially while enjoying themselves.

Cooperating with insurance providers offers several benefits:



This cooperation broadens the accessibility of our services, ensuring more families can afford the therapeutic support their children need.



Insurance coverage can significantly reduce out-of-pocket costs for families, making therapy sessions more affordable.


Simplicity and Support:

Our dedicated team offers guidance through the insurance process, simplifying paperwork and helping families understand their coverage, thus reducing administrative stress.

Wonder Kids Therapy Center cooperates with insurance

At Wonder Kids Therapy Center, we work in collaboration with insurance providers. Our dedicated medical biller ensures a seamless process by handling all aspects of insurance billing, managing all the necessary paperwork and administrative tasks. We have the capability to directly bill out-of-network insurance, relieving you of the associated legwork.
Furthermore, we strive to obtain in-network exceptions for many of our clients, whenever possible, to ensure more comprehensive coverage.
To determine the specific benefits available for therapy, we kindly request that you email a copy or picture of your insurance card, including your child’s name and date of birth, to Our team will then assist you in understanding your coverage.

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