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Wonder Kids Therapy Center:

Owned and operated by Blanche Buchwald, Wonder Kids Therapy Center is a dedicated sensory gym located in Bergenfield. Specializing in providing a child-friendly environment, the center encourages children’s growth and development through a variety of therapeutic activities.

With an open schedule including Sundays, weekdays, and after-school hours, Wonder Kids is designed to accommodate families’ varying needs and schedules. Moreover, the center extends its services beyond its walls by providing therapy sessions during school hours at local schools. This dual setting approach ensures that children receive consistent, comprehensive support regardless of their location.

At Wonder Kids, the mission is to transform therapy into a fun, inspiring, and less daunting experience for every child, facilitating effective treatment and progress. With a team of highly qualified professionals and a welcoming, vibrant sensory gym, Wonder Kids Therapy Center is committed to fostering supportive connections with children, their families, and the local schools, ensuring a comprehensive approach to every child’s wellbeing.

  • Sensory Gym.
  • Flexible Hours.
  • School Collaboration.
  • Qualified Owner.
  • Community Focus

Our Team

At Wonder Kids Therapy Center, our team is a dynamic mix of dedicated, highly-skilled professionals. Trained in child-specific therapeutic techniques, we create a supportive environment and tailor therapy plans to each child’s unique needs. Our aim is not just progress, but to make therapy a positive and rewarding journey for every child.

Meet Blanche Buchwald

is the owner of Wonder Kids Therapy Center, a sensory gym in Bergenfield open on Sundays and weekdays as well as after school hours. Wonder Kids also provides services during school hours at school.
Blanche Buchwald has a masters degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) from NYU graduate school and more than 20 years of experience practicing OT, both in private practice and school settings. Her specialties include sensory processing and regulation, as well as fine motor skills, handwriting, coordination and building upper body and core strength. Blanche strongly believes in transitioning the various skills learned during her sessions into the classroom and home. She values working with parents and teachers to help her clients achieve success in all areas of their life.

Meet Cynthia Suarez-McNulty

has been a speech-language pathologist in NJ for 18 plus years. She received her Masters degree as an SLP from Kean University and also has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education. Cynthia is a member of ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) with her Certificate of Clinical Competence. 
Cynthia started her career as a special education teacher then earned her degree in Speech-Language Pathology where she worked in early intervention for 7 years. Cynthia currently works in a public school setting where she’s treated children of various abilities from preschool age to sixth grade. She specializes in working with children on the autism spectrum, children with apraxia of speech, as well as children with language delays, social pragmatic difficulties as well as articulation disorders. Cynthia also has experience as a pediatric feeding specialist. She speaks English,  Spanish and Sign Language. Cynthia resides in Nutley with her husband and three children.

Meet Tamar Zomberg

has been a pediatric speech language pathologist in New Jersey and New York for over 20 years working with children of all ages ranging from toddlers to adolescents. She has extensive experience in school-based settings treating children with receptive and expressive language disorders and articulation deficits. She actively collaborates with parents and teachers in order to facilitate carryover of each child’s treatment goals. Tamar received a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Brooklyn College. She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and is licensed in both New Jersey and New York. Tamar resides in Bergenfield, NJ with her husband and four children.

Meet Jeanine Moussa

received her Doctorate of Occupational Therapy in Los Angeles at West Coast University and has been practicing since April 2022. Her passion for working with children was with her since she was a young girl. She fell in love with Occupational therapy when she began working in a school as a paraprofessional and ABA therapist in the special education environment, where she saw the true power of OT and the impact it has on children. She loved the way it incorporates the mind and body in fun ways. Using a holistic approach to therapy is something she continues to incorporate in her session today. She has experience working with children with varying abilities such as picky eating, sensory regulation, developmental delay, neurological delays, behavioral issues, coordination, overall strength, and fine motor issues. Her passion and goal is to give every child the chance to
 flourish through play, genuine connection, and evidence-based practice. She believes every child deserves the chance to play, learn, and explore, no matter what their abilities may be. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and backpacking with her husband and their dog or crocheting on the couch after a long day.

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Why Choose Wonder Kids Therapy Center:

At Wonder Kids Therapy Center, we pride ourselves on our team’s expertise. Led by Blanche Buchwald, our professionals have specialized training and experience in child therapy techniques. Their compassionate and patient approach ensures your child is in the best possible hands, receiving top-notch care tailored to their unique needs.

One of the key elements setting us apart is our innovative approach to therapy. Our unique sensory gym transforms therapy sessions into constructive playtimes. This environment encourages children to learn and grow in a manner that’s fun, reducing the intimidation often associated with therapy, and promoting their holistic development.

Understanding the diverse needs and busy schedules of modern families, we offer flexible service times. Not only are we open on weekdays, Sundays, and after-school hours, but we also extend our services to local schools during school hours. This flexibility ensures that your child receives consistent therapeutic support, regardless of location or time.

Finally, when you choose Wonder Kids Therapy Center, you’re choosing more than just a therapy center. We are a trusted and committed partner within the Bergenfield community. Our local presence and community-centric approach mean we’re invested in the wellbeing of every child in our locality. So, by choosing us, you’re joining a community that truly cares.

Blanche is an excellent OT! She has so much patience and really works with the child and parent to establish an individualized plan for each child! The equipment is all up-to-date, and the atmosphere is fun and loving. My son has made so much progress there, and I have gained so much tips and insight. We highly recommend Wonder Kids!

Debra K

Blanche Buchwald has been my son’s occupational therapist for quite some time now. I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for everything she has done for my son. She has changed his life and our life forever. She is so caring, kind, patient and thorough. She really takes the time to get to know the child and what their needs are specifically. I have been through many occupational therapists, and it was a blessing to finally find someone who has helped my son thrive and grow so much! She has restored our faith and changed our lives forever. After seeing how well my son did, I started taking my daughter there as well for sensory and anxiety disorder. She has improved so much she is confident, calm and most importantly the skills she has learned have carried over in other places she was struggling with. 
My son who has autism and expressive speech delays has also been going to wonder kids therapy for speech, her speech therapist Cynthia is incredible. She is so patient and supportive. She took the time to build rapport with my son and create a plan that works best for him, he is able to communicate in way that I’ve never seen. She is so talented and truly a miracle worker. It has truly been amazing to see how much he can communicate with us now and the skills he has learned since working with Cynthia. Wonder kids therapy center really feels like home. It is a therapeutic calming, supportive and loving environment that offers a number of Services.  I wouldn’t trust my kids with anyone else. Thank you to Wonder Kids Therapy Center for helping our family. You are my kids heroes💙💖

Jennifer C.

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